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High-speed super-fine emulsification tank is the most advanced blending equipment in fields of dairy products, beverages, fruit juice and foods etc. When the high-speed super-fine emulsification paddle works, it throws the materials in the center of rotor to stator at a  high speed, then through tooth Clearance of stator, and shearing, collision and crushing between rotor and stator, the super-fine  emulsification is realized. Therefore, it is an integrated equipment comprising functions such as blending, emulsifying, homogenizing, solving and crushing etc.

High shear dispersing emulsifier adopts claw type engagement and double-direction material suction structure, which has solved the problems of other high shear dispersing emulsifiers such as the defect of eddy formed by the single direction material suction and the occurrence of dead angle such as hard suction of the upper materials can be avoided. The shearing probability of the device can be higher and stronger so that the production efficiency and the dispersing and emulsifying quality will be better improved. To satisfy the actual situation of different batch processing, when the customer selects models, please call our company for the capacity, viscosity, processing time and reaction temperature etc.




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