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Yoghurt processing production line

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Product Details
When raw milk is pretreated and cooled to the inoculation temperature, further processing may be based on production of a solidified, agitated, drinking, frozen, or concentrated yoghurt. The organizational status and flavor of yogurt is an important indicator of the quality of yogurt.
The pre-treated milk is cooled to the culture temperature and then continuously pumped into the fermenter along with the required volume of production starter. After the tank is full, stirring is started for several minutes to ensure that the starter is evenly dispersed. Fermentors are insulated to ensure constant temperature throughout the culture period. In order to check the development of acidity in the tank, a pH meter can be installed on the tank. The typical agitation yoghurt is produced at a culture time of 2.5-3 hr, 42-43°C, using a common type of production starter (2.5-3% inoculation). In order to obtain the best product, bacterial fermentation must be stopped when the pH reaches the desired value. The temperature of the product should be cooled from 42-43°C to 15-22°C within 30 minutes. At the same time to ensure that the finished product has the desired viscosity, the mechanical treatment of the clot must be gentle. Cooling is carried out in a plate heat exchanger with special plates, which ensures that the product is not subjected to strong mechanical disturbances. After cooling to 15-22°C, yogurt is ready for packaging. Fruits and spices can be added during the transfer of yoghurt from the buffer tank to the packaging machine. This is done by a variable-speed metering pump that continuously pulls these ingredients into the yoghurt and mixes them through the mixing device. The design of the mixing device is static and hygienic, and ensures thorough mixing of fruit and yogurt. The fruit feed metering pump and the yogurt feed pump operate synchronously.
Product advantages
* Can be designed according to user's special requirements
* Accurately add fruit and spices
* Produce high quality products and maintain nutrients
* Available in a wide variety of products
* Large output, low loss
* Apply high technology to save energy
* Monitoring system for the entire production process
* Image, intuitive display, all process parameters print
Product variety
* Stirring yogurt
* Fruit-stirred yogurt
* Stirred yogurt with cereals and dietary fiber
* Solidified yogurt
* Drinking yogurt
* Frozen yogurt
* Concentrated yogurt
* Kai Fei
Products can be filled in cups, roof packs, bottles, etc.
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