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◆The main supporting part of the cage loading and unloading machine head is made of 80*80 high quality carbon steel pipe through welding. The outer surfaces are subject to plastic spraying and baking finish.
◆The basket and cage guiding structure and can guiding and guarding board are all made of stainless steel and the guiding is adjustable. The cage and basket are positioned by cylinder through encircling. With solid structure and accurate positioning, the cage unloading action is ensured to be smooth.
◆The lifting platform is lifted or lowered by the hydraulic supporting transposition arm without the need of hole opening on the ground. The lifting and lowering actions are stable. The carrying capacity reaches 1T. Its top is mounted with the photoelectric sensor to detect positioning and realize precise control of lifting height. Automatic position detection is carried out when the basket and cage bottom board drops. It is provided with the dropping layer counting function.
◆The cage loading and unloading chain net is made of imported POM under the brand of DMM with high anti-wear performance, high temperature resistance, and good carrying capacity. The wide-row conveying and cage unloading actions realize linked start and stop. 
◆The cage loading and unloading action is completed through the encircling structure. During the action, the structure limits the size outside the whole layer of cans, and then the self-braking motor adopting variable frequency control drives the synchronous belt for conveying, so as to ensure that there is no deformation due to extrusion or tilting and blocking when the can makes linear free movement.
◆The side board of the can conveying mesh belt is made of 2.5mm thick SUS304. The pitch of   mesh chain is 12.7 mm. The mesh belt is made of imported POM. Featured by stable running and high anti-wear performance, its wear rate is only 60% of that of other similar products.
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