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Due to its unique shape, beautiful patterns, environmentally friendly materials, and convenient use, the roof-shaped packaging machine makes the product high-grade and profitable. It highlights its characteristics in the packaging market of liquid products, and it also makes the company earn. considerable profit.
The production process of roof-shaped carton packaging products is easier than the production of any other packaging. Its characteristics:
①No need for a large packaging warehouse, no need for large shipping costs, a carton can be loaded into nearly a thousand packaging carton sheets. ② The box can be directly loaded on the machine without cleaning, which can save a lot of water, electricity, labor and equipment costs. ③The production workshop area is not required, and the construction cost is low. ④Production workers need less, and wages are low.
◆Capacity: 200-1000ml, 1000-2000ml can be completed in the same machine
◆Production: 2000-2500 boxes / hour
◆Package: roof card carton or roof aluminum foil carton bottom 95*95mm, 70*70mm, 57*57mm, only one of them can be selected
◆Capped: Free or no cover, free to choose. Cover size Φ26-Φ36 can only choose one
◆Filling temperature: cold filling 2-50℃ or hot filling 80-88℃
◆Machine power: 25KW (three power)
◆Shelf life: depending on product type and process
◆Compressed air: pressure: 1.0-1.4Mpa, flow rate: 1.4-2 m3/min, no oil, no dust
◆Cooling water: Flow rate: ≥40L/min Temperature: ≤30℃
◆Dimensions: (length * width * height) 3.7 * 1.6 * 2.8m
◆Machine weight: 3500KG
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